Your chance to fight back

Below you will find all the councils who lost your money in Icelandic banks.  You will also find the contact details of the leaders of the respective councils.  Have our 10 Per Cent Challenge to hand when you write to them, telling them where they can cut spending so they don’t increase our taxes.  If they only cut 10% from their publicity, payroll and pensions they could save on average £40 off the Band D council tax bill.  Ask them what they will save, what middle managers they will cut back on and other non-jobs.  Demand that they do not increase your taxes last year.  Now is your chance to hold your council to account over your money they have gambled away.


We need to shout loud and clear that they must sort out their bureaucracies and not take the easy way out and hike up our taxes.  The fight for lower council tax – or even a freeze – starts now:


Kent County Council – Cllr Paul Carter - [email protected]
Nottingham City Council – Cllr Jon Collins - [email protected]
Norfolk County Council – Cllr Daniel Cox - [email protected]
Dorset County Council – Cllr Angus Campbell - [email protected]
Hertfordshire County Council – Cllr Robert Gordon - [email protected]
Barnet Council – Cllr Mike Freer - [email protected]
Somerset County Council – Cllr Jill Shortland - [email protected]
Northumberland County Council – Cllr Jeff Reid - [email protected]
Surrey County Council – Cllr Nick Skellett CBE - [email protected]
Hillingdon Council - Cllr Ray Puddifoot - [email protected]
Neath Port Talbot Council – Cllr Derek Vaughan - [email protected]
Westminster Council – Cllr Colin Barrow CBE -
Brent Council – Cllr Paul Lorber - [email protected]
Caerphilly County Council – Cllr Lindsay Whittle - [email protected]
North Ayrshire Council – Cllr David O’Neill - do'[email protected]
Plymouth City Council – Cllr Vivien Pengelly - [email protected]
Havering Council – Cllr Michael White - [email protected]
South Hams Council – Cllr R J Tucker - [email protected]
West Sussex County Council – Cllr Henry Smith - [email protected]
Breckland Council – Cllr William Nunn - [email protected]
Gloucestershire Council- Cllr Barry Dare- [email protected]
Cheltenham Borough Council- Cllr Stephen Jordan- [email protected]
Lancashire County Council- Cllr H Harding CBE- [email protected]
Cambridge County Council- Jill Tuck- [email protected]
Wakefield- Cllr Peter Box- [email protected]
West Oxfordshire District Council- Cllr Barry Norton- [email protected]
Wyre Forest District Council- Cllr John-Paul Campion- [email protected]
Cheshire County Council- Cllr Paul Findlow- [email protected]
Bassetlaw District Council- Cllr Mike Quigley- [email protected]
Bristol City Council- Cllr Helen Holland- [email protected]
Daventry District Council- Cllr Chris Miller- [email protected]
Wiltshire County Council- Cllr Jane Scott- [email protected]
South Lanarkshire Council- Cllr Edward McAvoy- [email protected]
Derwentside District Council- Cllr Alex Watson- [email protected]
North East Lincolnshire Council- Cllr Andrew De Freitas- [email protected]
West Lindsey District Council- Cllr Bernard Theobald- [email protected]
Redcar and Cleveland Council- Cllr George Dunning- [email protected]
Lancaster City Council- Cllr Roger Mace- [email protected]
Canterbury City Council- Cllr John Gilbey- [email protected]
Ceredigion- Cllr Evan john Keith Evans- [email protected]
Sutton Council- Sean Brennan- [email protected]
Bracknell Forest Borough Council- Paul Bettison- [email protected]
Bromley Borough Council- Stephen Carr- [email protected]
Buckinghamshire County Council- David Shakespeare- [email protected]
Stoke-on-Trent Council – Mayor Mark Meredith - [email protected]
Braintree District Council-Graham Butland- [email protected]
Cornwall County Council- David Whalley- [email protected]
Exeter City Council – Cllr Adrian Fullam - [email protected]
Ipswich Borough Council- Elizabeth Harsant- [email protected]
Oxfordshire County Council- Keith Mitchell- [email protected]
South Ayrshire Council- Hugh Hunter- [email protected]
South Ribble- Margaret Rose Smith- [email protected]
Wokingham Borough Council- David Lee- [email protected]
Gateshead Council- Mick Henry- [email protected]
Oxford City Council- Bob Price- [email protected]
Colchester Borough Council- Anne Turrell- [email protected]
East Lindsey District Council- Doreen Stephenson- [email protected]
East Staffordshire Borough Council- Alex James Hall Fox- [email protected]
North Wiltshire District Council- Richard Tonge- [email protected]
Restormel Borough Council- Annette Eggerton- [email protected]
Rotherham Council- Roger Stone- [email protected]
Flintshire Council- Arnold Woolley- [email protected]
East Ayrshire- Douglas Reid-
ref="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]
North Somerset- Nigel Ashton- [email protected] 
Nuneaton and Bedworth- Marcus Jones- [email protected]
Peterborough City Council- John Peach- [email protected]
Rhondda Cynon Taff Council- Russell Roberts- [email protected]
Solihull Council- Ken Meeson- [email protected]
Stroud- Chas Fellows-
Slough Council- Richard Stokes- [email protected]
South Oxfordshire District Council - Colin Daukes  [email protected]
Wycombe District Council – Roger Wilson [email protected]
Cotswold District Council – Sheila Jeffrey [email protected]
Gloucester City Council – Paul James [email protected]
Great Yarmouth – Barry Coleman [email protected]
Moray Council – George McIntyre [email protected]
Newark and Sherwood District Council – A C Roberts [email protected]
South Hams District Council - Basil F Cane [email protected]
Monmouthshire Council – Peter Fox [email protected]
Mid-Devon - Peter Hare-Scott [email protected]
Charnwood Borough Council – Richard Shepherd [email protected]
Dover District Council – Bernard Butcher [email protected]
Bridgend Council - M E J Nott [email protected]
Hertsmere Borough Council – Morris Bright [email protected]
Kirklees Council -  Robert Light  [email protected]
Perth and Kinross Council – Ian Miller [email protected]
Tewkesbury Borough Council -  Robert Vines [email protected]
Vale of White Horse District Council -  Tony de Vere  [email protected]
Winchester – George Beckett - [email protected]
Sevenoaks District Council - Felicity Broomby [email protected]
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council – Mark Worrall [email protected]
Lewes District Council -  Carla Butler [email protected]
Burnley Council – Goron Birtwistle [email protected]
Chorley Council – Cllr Peter Goldsworthy - [email protected]
Wychavon District Council - Mrs J E Sandalls [email protected]

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