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Manchester's £3.5 million black blob of glass

In a recent article the Manchester Confidential echoed the opinions of many when they slammed Manchester City Council’s decision...

12:00 PM July 07, 2015

How much should it cost to teach critical thinking?

A training package to be introduced by Leicester City Council for secondary schools to explore a “game-based approach to information...

11:58 AM June 22, 2015

Does reducing Welsh Council numbers have a Real Business Case?

The Welsh Government, Public Services Minister, Leighton Andrews has announced plans to cut the number of unitary authorities in Wales...

2:38 PM June 17, 2015

Empty fire-fighting centres still costing millions

The 2004 plan to open nine regional fire control centres around the country in is still costing the...

11:56 AM June 15, 2015

Bath traders protest at high rents and business rates

The TaxPayers’ Alliance in Bath joined a gathering of traders, alongside campaign group ‘Independent Shops of Bath’ (ISoB) and the...

3:34 PM June 09, 2015

Another £3m a year for the misguided Garden Bridge

This weekend saw the latest twist in the long-running saga of London’s proposed Garden Bridge.

For those uninitiated, here’s a...

3:10 PM June 08, 2015

Carmarthenshire Council’s Car Crash Spending

£45,000 to build walls around…roundabouts! This staggering act of reckless indifference towards taxpayers’ money is courtesy of Carmarthenshire Council.


11:58 AM June 08, 2015

Council’s money-saving decision ends up costing more

4:13 PM June 04, 2015

Would you vote for a 15.8% bill hike?

Despite hard pressed taxpayers already struggling with hefty bills, Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins has asked for...

9:52 AM April 13, 2015

High cost of keeping care homes shut

The cost of providing care for elderly residents is proving too much for Devon County Council (DCC), which finds it...

10:43 AM April 09, 2015

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