2015 at the TaxPayers' Alliance

Now that we're back and in full swing for 2016 it's time to look back at the highlights of the last year. 2015 was a great year for the TaxPayers' Alliance, the highlights of which you'll know all about if you receive our weekly email. (If you missed out then you better remedy that for 2016). But for a data-driven overview of our year, here are our most read pages, blogs and updates from 2015.

Most viewed blog: The Deficit and the Debt: The facts

Public Sector Net Debt trend growth

During the BBC Leaders debate a lot of people googled "debt vs deficit" which we have both a video and blog about. Of the two, the blog (and the graph that goes with it) turned out to be more popular. See all our blogs here.

Most viewed press release: Revealed -Local councils own 580 restaurants, 378 pubs, 191 shopping centres, 174 hotels... and a cheese factory

Local authorities in the UK own 7294 shops and 191 shopping centres

It's possibly the ludicrous title of this piece that drew the most traffic - and yet it's true! This press release was written for our 'Council owned assets' research, highlighting the huge number of properties that councils own. See all our press releases here.

Most viewed piece of research: The Spending Plan

Common Agricultural Policy and the Spending Plan

The Spending Plan was our landmark document, published in March which remains the only costed plan for eliminating the deficit. Since it was published we've had a number of policies from the Spending Plan adopted by the government and we're campaigning for more victories in the new year. See all our research here.

Most popular event: The Post Election Conference

Post Election Conference Audience

If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing on UStream. And if you don't want to miss out next time the best way to hear about TPA news is our email bulletin. See all our events here.

Most popular quiz: The TPA VAT Quiz

Live cows or live horses the TPA VAT quiz

Do you pay 20% VAT on live cows or live horses? Biscuits with chocolate chips in them or biscuits with chocolate covering on them? Here are 10 questions designed to test your knowledge of the tax system. See all our quizzes here.

Most viewed video: What do you really pay on the 20p tax rate?

As part of our long running campaign to merge National Insurance and Income Tax we published a video demonstrating exactly how stealthy this tax can be. Want more? Subscribe to us on Youtube.

Most popular Twitter status: We fixed it for you

No need to worry, guys, we've fixed it for you

Funded by the UK Taxpayers

Want to make a small difference in the new year? Patiently correct anyone using the phrase 'government money'. Missed that one? Follow us on Twitter.

Most popular Facebook post: The tax on fuel

Rumours of petrol dipping below £1/litre mean that the tax component could be almost 75 per cent!

If you pay 99.9p for a litre of petrol almost 75 pc of it is tax

Many people were surprised by just how much of your litre of petrol is taken up by tax. You'll notice that the VAT is calculated as 20% on fuel duty + petrol - literally double taxation.

Most viewed page: Team

Taxpayers Alliance team outside of Tufton Street building

We're a small team at the TaxPayers' Alliance but we work hard on behalf of taxpayers across the country. From getting up early for radio broadcast to staying late and putting the finishing touches to a press release we're happy to work hard in order to make change happen. We're already looking forward to 2016.

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