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Flat Tax: Towards a British Model by Allister Heath

A fair income tax which taxed all income at the same percentage would dramatically improve incentives, while bureaucracy could be dispensed with almost entirely. This idea, already sweeping Eastern Europe, is the 'flat tax'.Published by The TaxPayers' Alliance and The Stockholm NetworkYou can order a copy of the flat tax... Read more...

Total Lifetime Tax

How much will the average person pay in tax during their lifetime?  Find out in this TaxPayers' Alliance Research Note. Download Total Lifetime Tax (PDF) Read more...

The List of Shame

Today's Third Reading debate on David Maclean's Freedom of Information Amendment Bill has just concluded after several hours with a vote in favour from a total of 78 Labour MPs and 18 Tories.   Both main parties declared themselves to be “neutral” on the issue and many MPs deliberately chose... Read more...

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